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JCMarkus is an event hub that has a strategic focus on the celebrations of life

JCMarkus comes to the fore as an Events and Celebrant Specialist. As a professional team, Mark and James reach out as experienced specialists in the areas of marriage celebrancy, commitment celebrations, naming ceremonies, funeral services, corporate gatherings and other significant occasions and life events.

James, with over 30 years of experience in celebrating marriages, is also both experienced and qualified in facilitating all such events, such as life celebrations, corporate presentations, anniversaries, funerals, memorial services and even that significant birthday!

James is a specialist in the scope of weddings- with an extensive knowledge of all that is required by law, with a creative spirit and a natural rapport with people, he is able to bring together your special day with ease and professionalism.

Mark comes from the hospitality, clinical health and business sector and is ever present and ready to support your celebration with a fine eye for detail and a methodical approach to ensuring every aspect of the event is well organised and stress free for the client.

Together, they assure the clients of a carefree, seamless experience of preparing for the event- whatever it may be- with a spirit of care and professionalism.

All consultations are obligation free and a comprehensive outline of all details will be available upon application.